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As a clinical psychologist, I can offer competent, scientifically based help and support for psychological and social problems as well as all kinds of mental Illnesses. 

Clinical psychological treatment/psychological therapy helps people of all ages with mental disorders, neurological diseases, acute and chronic physical illnesses, problems in relationships or families, developmental disorders, stress, strain and trauma disorders and addictions.


Attitude and way of working

It is very important for me to offer every person a safe space in which he or she or they can open up, develop and initiate change. I prioritise empathy, authenticity, acceptance and appreciation in my sessions, thereby ensuring a sensitive cooperation between me and my clients. I adapt my way of working to the needa of the individual, tailoring my sessions to best suit each client's personal interests and goals. In addition to  therapeutic conversation, behavioral therapy, systemic mindfulness-based or schema therapy approaches are also used. It is important to me that goals  and the path toward these goals are set and developed together. 


Psychological counseling and treatment

Individual session

€ 90 / unit of 50 minutes.

Couples counseling

€ 150 / unit of 90 minutes



Please make an appointment either by telephone at +43677 61088258 or by email at

If I am not available to take your call at the moment, please feel free to leave me a  voice message. I will call you back as soon as possible.


I ask that you cancel in good time (24 hours before the agreed appointment) in the event that you cannot keep the appointment. Sessions not canceled on time will be charged.


All information from the meetings is completely confidential. This applies already  from the time at which you first contact us (in accordance with Section 14 of the Psychologists Act).



I offer psychological therapy in German, English and Dutch

Mag.a Larissa de Koekkoek

Klinische Psychologin und Gesundheitspsychologin

+43677 61088258

Anichstraße 29/33 Stock 2

6020 Innsbruck

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